What are the facts to know before applying for ETIAS VISA?

What are the facts to know before applying for ETIAS VISA?

admin October 27, 2019
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While applying for the ETIAS VISAa person should know how much it will cost. The ETIAS VISA saves the money of the applicant. The charges of application are less. The expenses of the application apply to a person that is an adult. The applicant who is below eighteen years of age is not required to pay fees. The payment can be made with debit or credit cards. After receiving the payment, the process will be started. Here are a few things which should be cleared before applying for the application.

1. Rejection of application – After filling the application, the applicant will receive a success message of congratulations. If the application of the person is denied, then they will receive the status with a reason for rejection. The applicant can again file the application with correction. They can also appeal to the decision of refusal.

2. The requirement of documents – The person should carry a valid passport with identification proof while traveling to Schengen Zone. The additional documents with them are-

  • The applicant should carry a passport size photograph along with it. The picture should not be affixed with the Visa.
  • An electronic chip would be beneficial for the person. It is not compulsory. The chip is available at the cover page at the bottom. 
  • The passport is having a number or symbol below the picture. It will be read through the machine-readable passport.

3. Time available for registration – The application can be filledin ten minutes. After ten minutes, the person will receive the status of the application. If the application is not filled in ten minutes, then the session time will be finished. The person has to again apply for the application. The information can be saved with the applicant.

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