Top 10 plants to buy for vertical garden

Top 10 plants to buy for vertical garden

admin May 24, 2019

Nowadays many plant lovers are looking to buy vertical wall plants for their vertical garden. These days vertical gardening is becoming so popular because of its innovation and high productivity. These support a wide range of vegetable, fruits, and flowers to grow on the vertical garden. Lets us discuss these top plants for our vertical garden.

  1. Ferns

They are preferred because of their adaptive nature and resistance with humidity. They cover a large area and we can grow them easily.

  • Bird nest fern

These ferns can easily live in containers and offer bright contrast with their yellow-green leaves.

  • Lipstick plant

This plant comes with vibrant red flowers which emerge from its spreading stems and dark green leaves. These are basically grown in hanging baskets.

  • Baby’s Tear plant

This plant flourishes in bright light and covers little ground. Its leaves are delicate and soft and required well-drained soil for their growth.

  • Crotons

This is a colorful plant that offers leathery leaves and less intensely pigmented. They offer more brightness in light.

  • Dracaena

These plants are multicolored and mostly favored for home.

  • Hosta

This plant comes with patterned leaves and needs a cool climate for its growth.

  • Succulents

This plant is forever living plant and most of the plant’s lovers prefer to buy vertical wall plants for their garden.

  • Pothos

This plant is known for its forgiving nature, which means it can grow in any conditions like in low light or bright light and in rich or poor soils.

  1. Bromeliads

This plant needs little space to grow and their long leaves make them ideal for a vertical garden.

Finally, we can say that these all are the best plants that are suitable to buy for our vertical wall garden.

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