When can a manager conduct a urine drug test at the workplace?

When can a manager conduct a urine drug test at the workplace?

admin November 11, 2019

If there is an increase in drug addiction, then there is a need for drug testing. A drug-addicted person destroys them as well as the life of the company. The foremost motive of the employers is not to hire a person taking drugs. Drugs can cause accidents or theft in companies. For reducing them, employers are conducting drug tests. The procedure is simple, and the results are quick. The person will be provided with a kit, and they have to excrete urine in them for a sample.

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At what time, the testing should be done? The question arose from many employers for drug testing. The examination should be done with the trust and assurance of the employees. The selection of the time should be made with proper care and attention. The prices of the kits of urine drug testing are low. Here are some conditions where the person can check the drug abuse at the workplace.

At the time of recruitment of employees

One of the perfect time of testing is recruiting the employees. The process will make the employer able to not employing drug-addicted employees. An application can be presented in front of the candidates at the time. It is done to save the time and efforts of the person. after conducting the test, the final interview of the person is held. The conduction of the test before or after the interview is the choice of the individual. A confidential letter can be served to the employee for restriction on drug addiction. The test is conducted for the upliftment and betterment of the company’s productivity.

At the time of any cause or randomly

Drug addiction leads to a change in the environment of the company. The changes in the personality of the person or work performance are some symptoms of drug addiction. The employer can conduct a urine drug test at that time. Any change will make the employer, and random analysis can be performed for the checking. The results will give the guarantee that the employee will bear any harm to the assets. It will help in providing a safe environment for working for the employees. For more knowledge, online websites are there. They will enable the employer to learn more about drug testing.

After the occurrence of the accidents

There can be theft or accidents in the company on the usage of drugs. When it comes to the notice, drug testing is conducted. There can be damage to any person or asset of the company. The accidents are occurred due to the negligence of human and drug is the main culprit. Like for any cause drug testing, the liability is of the drug-addicted employee. They will handle any damage to the accidents. There should be a promise that the mistake will not be made again in the company. In this way, urine drug testing has a perfect time for conduction. Non-timely conduction will build distrust in the minds of the employees.

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