What Happens If You Overstay On Esta Visa? Get To Know Here!

What Happens If You Overstay On Esta Visa? Get To Know Here!

admin October 6, 2019
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Esta visa is perhaps the easiest way to visit America, and with this system, if authorization, it has been convenient to visit America than ever before. Earlier the procedure for application and verification of visa was very complicated, and therefore, most of the people faced problems in getting a visa for America. Once you have an ESTA visa, you can visit America for a long period or frequently but not for more than 90 days. The esta overstay is so offensive to the authority and therefore is it the authority can impose a penalty on you if you are in America for more than 90 days on ESTA visa.

What are the consequences?

The consequences for breaking of such rules are quite serious. There can be several problems if you are caught in an esta overstay and the major problems are mentioned below.

  1. The very first thing that will be done to you is that you will be deported back to your country. The process of your removal will begin as soon as your 90 days are completed. Under normal circumstances, if you are prepared to leave America on the 90th days, you will be free to go, but if you try to stay, you will be caught and deported.
  2. Many times people try for esta overstay and also gets away with it but not for a long time. Overstaying in America for more than a fixed number of days by the esta, your passport will receive an automatic ban that means you cannot leave the country without facing problems.
  3. The major problem is the time of ban that will be imposed on your passport. The period for the ban of your passport is not just for a few days or months but for a minimum of three years and maximum for ten years.

The ban is not only from the city from which you are deported, but it is from the entire United States. Therefore, make sure that you never try an esta overstay in America.

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